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Price List Of

Architectural Elements

in white pine





Handmade window sash, each piece, unglazed:



Glazing adds up to $60 per piece, plus glass.  

Mortised and tenoned plank frame:

Interior storm windows:

Weatherstrip, per linear foot







$    0.75







Raised paneled doors:




 Insulated 6-panel exterior door:











Bolection moldings, per linear foot:

Crown moldings, per linear foot:

Other moldings matched and

reproduced with hand planes:

Raised paneled walls,

not including doors, per square foot:













In addition to filling custom orders, I have in stock pieces of window sash in standard sizes (typical of houses in the New England region).


These prices will provide a basis for arriving at a ballpark estimate for some of the work I offer. They are founded on the costs of time and materials and the availability of beautiful pine, and are necessarily subject to change. Custom work may involve detail beyond the range of the typical as represented in these prices. I require a deposit of about a third of the estimate when the order is placed, the balance when the order is completed. Prices do not include installation.






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